#FridayProject: Hexagro Urban Farming

First appointment with our #FridayProject!

A weekly rubric in which we will tell you a story.

Whether it is, a biography of a protagonist, the launch of a new prototype, the description of a large company or a plant with peculiar characteristics.

Our intent is to make you start the weekend with a dash of green and sustainability.



We will begin this way. With a narration out of the ordinary.

During the writing of the degree thesis in Costa Rica, Felipe Hernández Villa-Roel has deeply reasoned about how much the traditional cultivation damages the environment. And he decided that something should have changed.

When he came to Milan to finish his studies, Felipe tried to build something that would allow anyone to cultivate in the city. Or better, inside your home.

With three other guys from different backgrounds but with the same passion for sustainability, he founded Hexagro Urban Farming.

Together with Arturo, Alessandro and Milica, they developed the idea of ​​manufacturing a prototype of modular housewife that can increase in size at the right time.

Living Farming Tree is born 

Functional, aesthetic and highly technological. This model develops like a beehive, thus potentially able to reach even large dimensions. The cultivation technique is Aeroponic, while the lighting is LED.

There is also the possibility to monitor and regulate the growth of seedlings through an automation system connected with a user interface. Simple and functional.

We met Felipe during Seeds & Chips 2017 and we can confirm the goodness of the products grown with this prototype. The taste of the basil leaf we tasted did not present any difference with that of a seedling grown in a country garden.

The real innovation lies in the fact that cultivating with this method, the crops will not require any pesticides or harmful products. No herbicides or pesticides and with a significant saving of water consumed.

Here are the words of Felipe when we interviewed him in Milan:


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