#FridayProject: Aeroasis

#FridayProject Aeroasis

Second edition of our #FridayProject!!

Starring: Thomas Wollenberger

The story begins in 2015.

#FridayProject Aeroasis

Thomas is attending the University of North Florida and is facing difficulties in cultivating quality products in student gardens. In fact, the Florida parasites and heat make his job really hard. After a careful examination, Thomas decides to design a system that allows him to cultivate inside his dormitory, with hydroponic techniques.

Time a week and Tom has already conceived the first prototype. It does not take long before the boy realizes the immense potential of such a system.

Spend months of research and development during which our protagonist isolates himself completely from the outside world. His only contact is as a freelance worker, among other things winning some competitions thanks to his designer skills.


Found some investors willing to finance his vision of an intelligent hydroponic cultivation system, Thomas founded Aeroasis. At the age of twenty, Thomas is already able to coordinate a team that leads to the creation of an extraordinarily simple cultivation system in its complexity.

OASIS MINI is born

#FridayProject Aeroasis

This system allows you to grow products of the highest quality within any living space. Oasis Mini is in fact equipped with all the components necessary to produce vegetables in an automated manner, without the need for any external lighting or contaminating products.

Con una campagna di Kickstarter prevista per il 21 marzo, Aeroasis è ottimista sul raggiungimento dei suoi obiettivi: terminare la sperimentazione per lo sviluppo definitivo del prodotto, giungendo ad una produzione alimentare più sostenibile.

With a Kickstarter campaign, Aeroasis is optimistic about the achievement of its objectives: to finish the experimentation for the definitive development of the product, reaching a more sustainable food production.


But Tom’s work does not stop in the laboratory. His work of raising awareness in schools and high schools is helping to educate young people towards a correct diet, opening the doors to home farming towards a more sustainable solution for the food production chain.

#FridayProject Aeroasis

After almost three years of hard work, Thomas is partially satisfied, anxious to grow up with Aeroasis, so as to actively contribute to the indoor farming movement.

If we consider that Thomas has just turned 21, we just have to take off our hat and cheer for a guy who has this desire to change the world.

We are happy to have met him at NyAgTechWeek 17 and we leave you with his words.


Photo Credits: Aeroasis

We hope you enjoyed this second edition of the #FridayProject. Contact us freely for additional information or to propose topics for future articles!

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