#FridayProject: GAIA Projet

#FridayProjet Round 4 - GAIA Projet - Vertical Farming Italia

Third episode of our #FridayProject

Starring: GAIA Projet

Camille and Johanna, two French engineering students.

Two girls with different academic interests, energy systems and civil sphere, but animated by the same dream: to contribute to the search for a more eco-sustainable world.

In fact, both are well aware that in 2050 we will be 10 billion people and that the demand for food cannot be satisfied by current methods of cultivation.

A possible solution takes the name of Indoor and Vertical Farming, soilless cultivation in controlled environments. But what is the exact scope of this movement?

To find out, Camille and Johanna decided to launch the GAIA Projet – Grow An Innovative Agritecture. A research project, through analysis and synthesis of existing realities articulated in 4 phases.

Stage of the ProjetStage 1 - 2


We reached them at the end of their traveling trip around the world, trying to understand what their first hot feelings were.

What is the country that seemed most ready to incorporate these new technologies?

«Without a doubt, Japan! According to Professor Toyoki Kozai [founder of the Japan Plant Factory Association, ndt], today there are about 200 farms working with artificial light. The population has now accepted this type of agriculture and in the supermarkets you can find entire sections dedicated to hydroponic products».

Indoor Farming - GiapponeGiappone


The two girls are right to talk about acceptance because the distrust is one of the biggest obstacles for those who cultivate in the absence of soil. To those who close their eyes a priori, claiming that “it is not a natural method, artificial and unhealthy”, the two girls of GAIA respond like this:

Do you think instead that growing hectares and acres of perfectly aligned salad were among the designs of Mother Nature?

Education is the only weapon to defeat this fear. To educate on the basis of scientific data concerning the organoleptic qualities of the cultivated products. For the rest:

«Potentially there are no limits to the possibilities of expansion of this sector. Vertical Farming can develop everywhere, obviously with different characteristics depending on the traditions and policies of each country».

A big and sincere good luck then to the two colleagues of GAIA Project for the continuation of their adventure:

«The project has just begun! We have completed the first part of visits and interviews and now we are writing a “White Paper” with our analyses and conclusions that will be published later this year. But we already have many other ideas and opportunities for 2018!»

Photo Credits: GAIA Projet

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