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We are in the East Village, the beating heart of the most vivid and artistic Manhattan. Mission Chinese Food is one of the most coveted restaurants in all of New York. You need advance reservations and waiting hours to enter a magical setting and taste the delicacies of the chef Angela Dimaguya.

An innovative local that has turned its attention to Indoor Farming. And from Wednesday, October 11th, they finally moved from theory to practice.

Between the entrance and the bar, above an internal window, you can admire a glass window of blue light hides colorful living forms. What is it? Mushrooms!

Cardoncelli, pioppini and yellow, pink and blue mumps are on display inside the room. But that’s more than just a showcase. It is a real MiniFarm where mushrooms grow thanks to the hydroponic technique.

Credits: Adrienne Grunwald for Bloomberg

The authors are the guys from Smallhold, a startup based in Bushwick, one of the liveliest and fastest growing districts in New York. The idea of ​​Andrew Carter and Adam de Martino is simple:


Smallhold connects people to the simplest way possible: Bringing the farm to them


It all starts right at the Bushwick headquarters where the mushrooms grow inside large bags full of sawdust, coffee remains and other organic waste. After 3-4 weeks, they are transferred to the MiniFarm, like the one present at the Mission Chinese Food.

The advantages are obvious: always fresh product, longer shelf life and more competitive price.

La MiniFarm

To give some numbers: the smallest MiniFarm costs about $ 2000, measuring 120 × 180cm deep 60cm, and is able to produce one ton (1043kg) of mushrooms in a year.

Ah, all this saving about 96% of water compared to traditional cultivation.

Possible customers, such as restaurants, pay a deposit for the structure, a fixed monthly and a figure between € 8 and € 20 per kilo of product.

The MiniFarm is a concentrate of technology and innovation. Inside, several sensors connected to a Wi-Fi network allow Smallhold’s guys to remotely monitor and adjust basic parameters, such as light intensity and temperature.

The customer only has to wait for the right time to reap its rewards. The concept is precisely to offer a cutting-edge Vertical Farm for all budgets and experiences.

We met them on the first day of NyAgTechWeek17, lucky enough to taste their products and listened to their words in person.


We think this is the future of food distribution, we see this as a new way to get food to everyone


We cannot but share their experience.

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