SMART FARMING 4.0: Il Resoconto

Smart Farming 4.0 – 12/12/2017 – H-Farm

The Location

It was not easy, between swollen rivers and fog, we finally reach Roncade, Treviso, a stone’s throw from the lagoon of Venice. Here we are at H-Farm, probably one of the best location in Italy to talk about agriculture innovation.

H-Farm is a place full of stimulation, ideas and inspiration for the past 13 years. Founded in 2005 by Riccardo Donadon, pioneer of .it, together with Maurizio Rossi, immediately represented a novelty in the national scene and beyond.

Credits: H-Farm

H-Farm, in fact, was the first reality to put together education, to help grow minds capable of changing the world, investments, because even the brightest ideas need a little help, and advisory, to bring to the future who is already here in the present.

A history of rapid success that has led them to export their model abroad, to invest over 20 million euros in over 80 startups, to create 500 new jobs, to become a reference point for Italian startups.

All this in a frame surrounded by greenery, between small wooden hubs and multimedia rooms, 15000 square meters of tradition and technology. A small “Silicon Valley” made in Italy that does not want to lose its roots.

The event

Smart Farming 4.0 is an event promoted by the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce within the Digital Days line, dedicated to digitization in the various sectors of our economy. Today is the turn of agriculture.


Maurizio Rossi, co-founder of H-Farm, remember everybody how H is the company name for Human:

People are at the center of everything we do, because people make the difference. Always


Marc Buckley

One of these people is undoubtedly Marc Buckley, innovator and entrepreneur with an eye to sustainability. His speech is both a lesson in history, economics and sociology that leads us to reflect on what is our role on Earth and what we we must do to love and respect our planet.

In the video below we tried to select the most significant steps:

Marc Buckley però non è solo l’ospite d’onore di Smart Farming 4.0, ma anche il cerimoniere ufficiale.

After finishing his speech on the notes of Imagine, he introduced Jörg Buck, the managing director of the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce, who promoted the event.

Then we start to get into specifics with Pietro Pezzolla, an electronic engineer with a passion for precision agriculture, and Gianni Gaggiani, creator and founder of Grow The Planet: “The Social Network that allows you to cultivate in a simple and fun way “, Start-up based right here in H-Farm.

Before the break, it is therefore the turn of Giacomo Cavalli, spokesperson for Seeds & Chips, the most important Italian event on the theme of Food Innovation. To give you an idea, at the edition of May 2017 there was also a certain Mr. Barack Obama, as well as us of Vertical Farming Italy of course!

Lunch time is coming and H-Farm amazes us once again. After a short walk among paths that run along wooden buildings containing start-ups, we discover that the “cookhouse” is nothing but a large greenhouse with lots of plants everywhere! Really a nice way to get back in touch with the green.


After the break, we start again from concrete realities with Vito Intini, talking to us about ELO Digital Office, a company that provides software for the digitalization of the company. Then the microphone passes to Mauro Bregolato, head of agriculture for BOSCH Italy, reality that does not need presentations and which is investing more and more in this sector.

Now it is the turn of three guests who face a common thread: “From Tradition to Evolution”. Stefano Maneri, Luca Grivet Foiaia and Isabella Ghiglieno talks about changes not only in the world of food and wine.

Here he is now the other guest of honor of the day, Thimo V. Schmitt-Lord, CEO of Bayer Foundations, main sponsor of the event.


Thimo illustrates the spirit that moves this non-profit wing of the famous pharmaceutical company. The search for solutions to goods that affect millions of people, ideas that can concretely change the lives of so many people.

Do you want to become a Millionaire? Help Million People!

In 2017 the Bayer Foundations has financed many researches to improve Health of people in developing countries.  Thimo shows us the most valid initiatives: from “Glasses to a dollar“, “To the rapid test for snake venom“, “To the headgear to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy cycles “.

In the 2018 the theme is “Agriculture”. A sector that must renew itself for its own survival. The traditional methods, in fact, cannot support the increasing world population and the consequent decrease of available land.

We need intuitions, inventions, ideas.

About this, the event concludes with the ideas presentation, in which Marc and Thimo listen and valuate the Pitches of many dreamers.



We leave you with a couple of (short) interviews: one with Jörg Buck and the other with Mauro Bregolato.


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