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Vertical Farming Italia at NyAgTechWeek 17

First appointment of the year with our #FridayProject

Protagonist: AGRITECTURE

New York City – September 16th 2017. Hours 9.45. Destination: 40 Buswhick Ave, Brooklyn. It’s hot, very hot. We are going to the first event of the New York AgTechWeek 17, sleepy and accusing the inevitable jet lag.

We do not know what to expect, the appointment is at AGRITECTURE, where a Brunch will kick off this week of meetings and conferences. We are frightened and excited at the same time, we are going to meet some of the people who most influenced us in choosing to found Vertical Farming Italia.

Agritecture - Vertical Farming Italia
Sede di Agritecture – Brooklyn – New York City

Agritecture Consluting

Già perché Agritecture è in prima battuta una società di consulenza (ex Blue Planet Consulting). Fondata nel 2014, ad oggi ha contribuito allo sviluppo di oltre 50 progetti di Urban e Indoor Farming. Grazie a un team competente e variegato, è in grado di fornire studi di fattibilità su misura per ogni occasione.

I progetti più significativi portano i nomi noti di SKY VEGETABLES (di cui vi abbiamo raccontato nello scorso #FridayProject), SQUARE ROOTS  e FARM.ONE. Tre realtà newyorkesi che stanno dando i frutti sperati, raccogliendo in primis l’interesse e l’approvazione della comunità locale.

Iniziative anche molto differenti tra loro che noi abbiamo avuto l’occasione di visitare, rispettivamente durante il Day Five, il Day Four e il Day Two della NYAgTechWeek, e di cui non possiamo che confermarne la bontà.


Agritecture is at first a consulting company (formerly Blue Planet Consulting). Founded in 2014, it has contributed to the development of over 50 Urban and Indoor Farming projects. Thanks to a competent and varied team, it is able to provide tailor-made feasibility studies for every occasion.


The most significant projects carry the well-known names of SKY VEGETABLES of which we told you in the last #FridayProject), SQUARE ROOTS  and FARM.ONE. Three New York realities that are giving the desired results, gathering the interest and approval of the local community.


Initiatives also very different from each other that we have had the opportunity to visit, respectively during Day FiveDay Four and Day Two of NYAgTechWeek.


Agritecture Blog & Events

But Agritecture is not just synonymous with advice. It is also information, through a very active blog that constantly offers interesting insights and initiatives. In fact, since its inception, Agritecture has been a hotbed of workshops, lessons and events. From single day ones to those of great breadth, like the next AGLANTA CONFERENCE scheduled for March 27-28.

On the other hand, for what our experience can count on, we seem to be able to say that sharing ideas and networking are common characteristics for the whole Indoor and Vertical Farming community. We met and talked to many people, here in New York as well as other events, and we have always found the same desire to share the skills and dreams. Aware of the importance that, if you do not grow together, you cannot go anywhere.


Agritecture Plus Farm

Agritecture, however, does not end here. Just during NYAgTechWeek Day One, Henry Gordon-Smith, the company’s founder and CEO, launched a new branch: + FARM. A series of small plants for soilless cultivation designed specifically to be easily assembled by those who buy them online.

Making easier a technique that in the eyes of the less experienced may seem very complex, is, in fact, one of the fundamental objectives of Agritecture. Because, in the end, the best way to convince yourself of a new solution is to try that with your own hands.


Vertical Farming Italia @Agritecture

In this short video Elaine Kung, Agritecture Designer, tells us what is + Farm, while Henry Gordon-Smith gives us an account of the NYCAGTECHWEEK17.

Below, instead, you find the intervention of Henry Gordon-Smith during “Agritecture for Architects“, one of the most important events of the NYCAGTECHWEEK17.


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