Aquafarm 2018 – History repeats itself

Locandina di AquaFarm 2018

Aquafarm 2018 is coming!

Seaweed, Aquaculture and Vertical Farming will once again be the protagonists of this extraordinary event under the banner of sustainable development.

#savethedate: 15th and 16th February


The Pordenone exhibition center will still be the host of the Aquafarm show, which aims to surpass itself after last year’s success.

Here are the numbers of the first edition:

New exhibitors, new speakers and more space dedicated to Vertical Farming in this second edition of the international exhibition-conference dedicated to technologies and products related to the production of food “from water”.

An event addressed to curious and professional audience that for two days will analyze the themes of Mediterranean aquaculture and sustainable fishing, but also the cultivation of algae and all crops from hydroponic, aquaponics and aeroponics systems.

We will talk about Indoor and Vertical Farming!

First Industrial Vertical Farming - Vertical Farming Italia
Credits: Sky Green

Aquafarm will therefore be an excellent opportunity for networking and for stimulating topics. It will also give the opportunity to meet many emerging companies in the sustainable food production scene.

We at Vertical Farming Italia will obviously be present, along with other companies operating in the field of soilless cultivation, among which stand out the Association for Vertical Farming, and our colleague Enea Matteo Benvenuti.

The latter, founder of Vertical Farm Italia, will bring to the event its new prototype: the hydroponic towers designed together with Wasp (photo).

Torri per coltivazione di Vertical Farm Italia e Wasp


This event represents a great opportunity for the world of Vertical and Indoor Farming, especially for the possibility of creating synergies between soilless cultivation and aquaculture.

The fusion between these two worlds has allowed the development of the aquaponic cultivation method, which is considered by many the future of sustainable food production, especially in urban areas.

Thanks to this innovative method it is possible to breed fish and grow vegetables within the same productive system.

Vertical Farming Italia ad Aquafarm 2018

Vertical Farming Italia ad Aquafarm 2018
Credits: Aquafarm


Finally, here is the detailed program of the event, divided between the two days:


Aquafarm program 15th February

Aquafarm program 16th February


Participation in the event is free, upon registration through this link to individual conferences.

We believe we have said everything, or almost. In case you want some more information or make an appointment with us during the two days of the fair, do not hesitate to contact us!


🐟 See you at Aquafarm

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