One day in Singapore

Picture of the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Questa città è unica.

Unica come grado di integrazione e rispetto delle leggi.

Unica come sinergie tra differenti culture.

Unica come grado di innovazione, sanità ed educazione.

Per certi versi la città perfetta.


This city is unique.

Unique degree of integration and respect for laws.

Unique synergies between different cultures.

Unique degree of innovation, health and education.

In many ways the perfect city.


Thanks to the favorable environment, a society could be grow aiming at sustainable economic development. Not surprisingly, Singapore is the city with the highest concentration of technological innovations in the world.

Among all the innovations, could certainly not miss the increasing use of techniques of Indoor & Vertical Farming. Since 2011 the City-State has been the cradle of countless realities and Urban Farming is considered as an excellent solution to the absence of arable land and to the need for fresh food.



I have an appointment with a contact for breakfast. Arrived at the place, I find Lionel waiting for me. I realize immediately that in Singapore the concept of punctuality differs from the Italian one.

By far one of the most beautiful people I have ever known.

VFI, Highstreet Farming & Upgrown Farming


Lionel (on the right in the photo) advises on technological agriculture. Exactly like us at Vertical Farming Italia. The only difference is that they started 5 years ago!

Lionel founded UpGrown Farming with some friends, just like we did. Starting from the east, they now provide advice all over the world.

After having tasted a surprisingly good coffee, Lionel and I went to visit one of his clients project.


John, founder of Highstreet Farming, greets me with great courtesy at the headquarters.

Vertical Farming Italia visit Highstreet Farming @Singapore

John produces with Vertical Farming techniques different varieties of vegetables, which he sells to restaurants in the area, very happy to be able to serve their customers fresh products every day.

I was invited to taste some crops, among which the wasabi plant and the “crystalline ice lettuce“, both exquisite.

All the crops seemed perfectly healthy and the taste confirmed my previous certainties. As we know:

Cultivating in closed and controlled areas without the use of pesticides and without the contamination of external pathogens allows us to produce food of the highest quality everywhere.

Here is the exclusive interview with John Wee:

I just have to say goodbye to my new friends, thanking them for their kind reception.



The afternoon is just as interesting.

I have an appointment with Nadine and Thorben Linneberg (photo), a very nice couple of people of different origins united by the passion for cultivation.

Vertical Farming Italia meet Aerospring Gardens @Singapore


Nadine and Thorben have created, developed and tested a “tower” grower for 3 years. The objective is to produce plants practically everywhere. From your own backyard, inside your home.

Up to 2017 they have sold as many as 1000 prototypes, 700 in Singapore and 300 abroad. They are also on the verge of expanding into Europe and they both found themselves enthusiastic about collaborating to bring their products to Italy.

The system is very simple. Each tower presents at the base a 75 liters tank. A Pump pushes upwards the nutrient-rich water and these passed through the roots of the plants gravitationally. This system is as simple as it is effective.

Vertical Farming Italia visit Highstreet Farming at Singapore

In fact, growers outside the office produce all kinds of crops, from tomatoes to chilies, from pumpkin to basil. Each plant appears healthy and with an excellent flavor.

Thorben and Nadine have recently completed the tests related to artificial lighting that can be connected to the grower. This will give the possibility to “cultivate” even indoor, without sunlight. You can see the product including LED in the following video interview:

In the folds of the city are hidden as many very interesting realities, but I will have to leave the discovery at a future visit because my time in the metropolis is very limited.


I conclude my short stay in the eastern metropolis by visiting the extraordinary Gardens by the Bay, which you can see from above in the image.

Picture of the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore


Inside the two domes that stand out at the border of the park it is possible to admire two different scenarios.

Inside the first has been recreated an equatorial climate with lots of artificial waterfalls and a variety of overwhelming plants.

Picture inside of Gardens by the Bay in Singapore


Within the second dome you can discover practically all the ecosystems present in the world. From the cactus to the olive tree, from the tulip to the maritime pine. Definitely a fascinating show.


Picture inside of the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore


Unique experience inside an unique city.

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