Seeds & Chips 2018 - 7/10 Maggio - MICO

Welcome back S&C!

New location, new espositori, new speakers, new start-up ups and many protagonists.

These are the ingredients that the S&C team put on the table to overcome the last edition!

Barak Obama is not so easy to replace, but judging from the premises, it seems that the guys at Seeds&Chips have really given it all.

From May 7 to 10 in MICO (MILAN CONGRESSI) you can get in touch with many of the world’s most influential people in subjects such as sustainability, food and health.

Main Speakers S&C 2018



Dozens and dozens of distinguished speakers will participate, from John F. Kerry (68th US Secretary of State) to the executive director of Starbucks, Howard Schultz. Through Kerry Kennedy, President of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, up to our old acquaintances like Marc Buckley, visionary speaker. Directly from Harlem also the extraordinary Stephen Ritz (photo), educator, innovator and winner of the Global Teacher Prize!

To consult the list of speakers go to the LINK.


But S&C is not just conferences, inside the MICO pavilions you will be able to see many realities, from the most consolidated to the emerging ones.

Besides the already known Carrefour, IBMTESLA and Tannico you could discover many young start-ups engaged in the world of the Indoor & Vertical Farming!

Just to name a few, Aponix, Hexagro Hurban Farming and Tower Garden will return after their presence at S&C 2017.

While Nutritower, Own Greens, Let Us Grow, H2HydroponicsFarm From a Box and many others will debut for the first year!

To consult the list of exhibitors go to the LINK.

Seeds & Chips 2018 - 7/10 Maggio - MICO

What are you waiting for to sign up ?!

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