Future is now: Part 1 What is Vertical Farming?

Il primo evento targato Vertical Farming Italia

It is now only a few days away from the first Vertical Farming Italy event:


Sustainable innovation that will revolutionize homes, cities and the environment. Speeches, meetings and exhibitions.

The event is one of the 62 scheduled within the Sustainable Development Festival in its Parma stage. The location will be the Workout Pasubio, one of the liveliest and most interesting spaces in Parma and just a stone’s throw from the station.

So let’s see in detail the program of the day:



5 pm – Alessio Alberini

Alessio Alberini, a profound connoisseur of digital communication, will open the dances telling about his experiences of consultant for several important Italian companies.


Alessio defines himself as a storyteller: he loves telling stories that can act as inspiration for those who listen to them.

And this is precisely what he will do in his speech “Innovation & Technology for Sustainability”, in which he will talk about Innovation and how this represents the motor of the sustainable development. A series of interesting anecdotes that will guide us in the heart of the event!


5.15 pm – Barilla Foundation

The Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation (BCFN) is a non-profit organization that promotes “an open dialogue between science, politics, business and society”.

A multidisciplinary center of research about economic, social, scientific and environmental phenomena related to food.

During the intervention “Agriculture no longer sustainableAlessio Mennecozzi & Valentina Gasbarri will speak about the paradoxes of the current food production system and how its rethinking is necessary.

In line with the 17 sustainable development goals promoted by the 2030 Agenda.


5.40 pm – Vertical Farming Italia 

The time has come to introduce the main theme of this event: soilless cultivation, in particular Indoor & Vertical Farming. Lorenzo, Guido and Luca of Vertical Farming Italia will speak about that, defining also the role of our start-up inside of this innovative world.


Vertical Farming Italia is a start up acting as Media and Consultancy Company in the sector of Indoor Farming.

The aim of our speech, but more generally of the event itself, is precisely to raise awareness about this 4.0 agriculture, which represents the future – and the present – of the agri-food chain.

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