Future is now: Part 2

Il primo evento targato Vertical Farming Italia

Saturday 26 May – 5 PM to 9 PM- Festival of Sustainable Development – Parma

After the FIRST pill a few days ago, let’s now look at the second part of this rich program in detail!



Il primo evento targato Vertical Farming Italia

6:00 pm – The rise of Vertical Farming

The second part of the event will begin with a short movie explaining how soilless cultivation raised to actual levels, beginning with Dickson Despommier, the creator of the concept of vertical farming and professor at Columbia University.

Dickson Despommier & Henry Gordon-Smith during the NYAGTECHWEEK17

Among the other we will show you through words and imagines the containers of Square Roots at New York, where agriculture becomes urban in the most proper sense of the term.

We will then move between the aeroponic cultivation pallets of the world leader in this sector, Aerofarms, and we will conclude this short tour with those who have been cultivating for decades in hydroponic greenhouses, the Holland district that have to be studied by whoever wants to become part of this world.

And in Italy?

Let’s go back to the homeland and turn the spotlight on the Italian realities, leaving the word directly to the protagonists. In fact, the representatives of the 3 most innovative farms of the peninsula will be present and a fourth that has all the cards on the table to enter the list.


6:10 pm – Sfera Waterfood

Luigi Galimberti launched Sfera – WaterFood with the aim of building the first completely sustainable vegetable production plant in Italy. But not only. Sfera is also progressively becoming an incubator and start-up accelerator operating in the sector.

Certainly one of the most significant companies on the Italian market which has opened itself to the market last few weeks!


Risultati immagini per Sfera Waterfood
Credits: Sfera Waterfood

6:25 pm – Fri El Greenhouse

Fri-el Green House has set itself an extraordinary goal: to produce tomatoes all year round cleanly, saving water and using Italian products to reach a local distribution of fresh products.

Here is the video presentation of this Italian excellence:


6:40 pm – Ferrari Farm

Giorgia Pontetti is definitely a star in the local landscape of the innovative farming. In his farm in Rieti, Giorgia has designed and built a hydroponic cultivation plant unique in Europe, consisting of 2 greenhouses and 1 phytotron that allow constant production, independent of external climatic conditions and without environmental pollution.

Here is one of the many videos that tell the philosophy of Ferrari Farm:

6.55 pm – Villa Canali Farm

Last but not least a project particularly dear to us.

Giulia Matelli will speak about a nearby reality that, although still in an embryonic phase, certainly has all the characteristics to become in a few years a flagship of Reggio Emilia and of all of Italy.

Risultati immagini per Azienda Agricola Villa Canali



For now we do not want to add anything else, if not …

7.10 pm – Break with theme aperitif 🌱

Cocktails garnished with fresh products accompanied by a special feast!

With a special thank you to the Panetteria Chierici of Parma, we will let you taste refined food, produced with ancient flours and strictly local ingredients.

Tradition and innovation together also in the kitchen!

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