Future is now: Part 3

Il primo evento targato Vertical Farming Italia

Here we are to introduce the third part of the event.

#3 VERTICAL FARMING: The Future is now

Il primo evento targato Vertical Farming Italia

This third and final section will focus on “Tomorrow”. From university research to the foods of the future.

19.10 am RESEARCH

To represent the research, there will be exponents of two of the most important universities in Italy.

In fact, we will be happy to have Francesco Orsini, Professor of the University of Bologna, who will tell us about the developments of his interesting work to improve the techniques of soilless cultivation, both at an industrial and urban level.

We will also have the pleasure of hosting two Professors and Researchers of the University of Padua, Carlo Nicoletto and Carmelo Maucieri. After meeting them at the most important event in Europe on Acquaponic Cultivation System in London, we could not miss the opportunity to invite them to our event.

It will be very stimulating to know the status of their research, which includes the production of plants and the breeding of fish.

Impianto acquaponico


7.40 pm NOVEL FOOD

We come now to the last part of our event. The one concerning the “Food of the Future“.

Professor Maria Sole Porpora will give an overview of the existing legislation, from the University of Parma. A very thorny subject, especially in this historical moment.

We will also have Antonio Idà from Spireat, who after a long experience in organic farming has moved his focus to the world of mircoalgae.

Last but not least, the #foodhero Marco Ceriani!

The extraordinary speaker often guest of TV programs will come to enlighten us on the world of insects. Considered by many as an excellent substitute for animal proteins.


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