GreenTech 2018 – Recap

Green Tech 2018 - Recap - Vertical Farming Italia

Amsterdam, Holland. The city of bicycles and canals, in the Nation of tulips and windmills.

But not only.

The Netherlands are also world leaders in the export of tomatoes, potatoes and onions, and second in the most general category of vegetables.

Stop for a moment, though. How is it possible? We are located only 1600 km from the Arctic polar circle with a territory as big as Switzerland!

Simple. It is home to Wageningen, the world’s most prestigious university for soilless cultivation research. Thanks to the decades of research, Holland has hundreds of square kilometers of high-tech greenhouses, growing crops with innovative methods, increasing productivity and reducing the use of resources.

In other words, we find ourselves in the Mecca of the Indoor Farming.

Credits: Luca Locatelli for National Geographic

Impossible to find a better place to host the most authoritative fair concerning technologies and innovations in precision agriculture.

GreenTech 2018

So on 12,13 and 14 June at the RAI fair in Amsterdam, GreenTech 2018 will be staged: over 450 producers from all over the world, almost 100 conferences and a whole pavilion dedicated to Vertical Farming.

In short, three intense days of speeches and networking with the main protagonists of Agriculture 4.0.

We were there and we had the opportunity to meet some very interesting people, seeing with our own eyes the best innovations in the world of soilless cultivation.

From the producers of high-tech greenhousesRichelLucchini, the Dutch producers, to those of LED for horticulture, such as Philips and Osram. Passing through producers of cultivation systems, such as V-Farm and Dry Hydroponics and ending with the Association For Vertical Farming.

Green Tech 2018 - Recap - Vertical Farming Italia

You could find other interesting companies, from those involved in logistics, to those who proposed new solutions for insemination, sensors and automation.

As always, we prefer to leave the word to the protagonists, so here is exclusively a video with collected the words of some of the most important exhibitors:



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