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Il primo evento targato Vertical Farming Italia

Pride, happiness and a lot of tiredness.

These feelings were felt at the end of our first event, staged exactly one month ago, on May 26 at Wopa in Parma.

The context was that of the Festival of Sustainable Development, 17 days (in honor of the 17 objectives of the UN Agenda 2030) of events all around Italian soil.

Our goal? Sensitize the public of Parma regarding the sector we are involved in: Indoor & Vertical Farming.

But we would never have expected such a great answer.

Many enthusiasts, as well as various professionals in the sector, followed with enthusiasm and curiosity the almost three hours of conferences.

A dense and intense program divided into three parts: a first introduction of Vertical Farming world, a second in which we left the floor to those who make this sector its work. The third and the last one was focused on University Research and Novel Food.

Il primo evento targato Vertical Farming Italia
Valentina Gasbarri & Alessio Mennecozzi by Fondazione Barilla
Il primo evento targato Vertical Farming Italia
From right do left: F. Orsini (University of Bologna); Y. Garcia (Association for Vertical Farming); C. Maucieri & C. Nicoletto (University of Padova)
Il primo evento targato Vertical Farming Italia
From right do left: Marco Ceriani; Antonio Idà & Mariasole Porpora (University of Parma)


Someone has entered more in the technical and some less. A special thanks to those who came to tell their own business history and to show that even in Italy you can do soiless agicolture successfully: Luigi Galimberti for Sfera Waterfood and Alessio Orlandi for Fri-El Greenhouse.

The icing on the cake was the opportunity to present in front of our town Giulia Matelli, our first client and the owner of the innovative farm Villa Canali, who is carrying out a wonderful project.

Il primo evento targato Vertical Farming Italia
Giulia Matelli per Azienda Agricola Villa Canali

The event was not just conferences.

The room in front of the bar was, in fact, set up for exhibition, very useful to let people touch with their own hands the cultivation systems exposed and to satisfy their curiosity.

A big thank to those who lent us their products, giving that touch of “green” to the event:: Robonica, Lucchini Idromeccanica, Aponix Vertical BarrelSeeds & Chips (Nutraponic) & Nido Pro.


The trait-d’union between bars and exhibitions was also very appreciated. The bartenders have in fact consented to the idea of preparing their own blends with the addition of fresh products picked directly from the exposed systems.

The result was extraordinary: tasty cocktails with exceptional seals!

And then of course Vertical Farming Italia was there, we did our speech to explain who we are and what we do, but above all we tried to better coordinate the various speakers and to be present with anyone who needed information.

Il primo evento targato Vertical Farming Italia
Lorenzo Franchini
Il primo evento targato Vertical Farming Italia
Luca Conti
Il primo evento targato Vertical Farming Italia
Guido Medici

We are aware of having made some mistakes, maybe the program was too rich and in some cases it was too technical.

In any case, the numbers were on our side, with one of the highest turnouts among the 62 events promoted in Parma for the Sustainable Development Festival.

Over 200 people have attended the event: some stayed for the entire duration of the event, some only for a greeting and a cocktail with friends. But anyone seemed to appreciate the organization.

Il primo evento targato Vertical Farming Italia

What else to add, we are waiting for you next year in the Festival of Sustainable Development!

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