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Viaggiatore amatoriale, scrittore improvvisato, appassionato di basket e surf. Laureato alla triennale in Scienze Politiche e alla magistrale con lode in Giornalismo e Cultura Editoriale. Co-fondatore di Vertical Farming Italia dove si occupa di Comunicazione e Amministrazione 🌿

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#FridayProject: The OCEAN CLEANUP

Vertical Farming Italia - #FridayProject

Finally, the #FridayProject backed by Vertical Farming Italia Protagonist: The Ocean Cleanup There was the Stone Age, then the Bronze Age. Now we are in the middle of the Plastic Age That was the preface of an 18-year-old Boyan Slat at Delft’s TEDx Talk in 2012. The young Dutchman had just finished high school when […]


Water Footprint

Water Footprint - Vertical Farming Italia

Everybody speaks a lot, and rightly, about carbon footprint and about how much an individual, product or service affects the emission of greenhouse gases. A good measure is the footprint in Tons of CO2 equivalent *, which gives a good idea of how much our way of life can impact on the health of the […]


GreenTech 2018 – Recap

Green Tech 2018 - Recap - Vertical Farming Italia

Amsterdam, Holland. The city of bicycles and canals, in the Nation of tulips and windmills. But not only. The Netherlands are also world leaders in the export of tomatoes, potatoes and onions, and second in the most general category of vegetables. Stop for a moment, though. How is it possible? We are located only 1600 […]


Future is now: Part 1 What is Vertical Farming?

Il primo evento targato Vertical Farming Italia

It is now only a few days away from the first Vertical Farming Italy event: VERTICAL FARMING: THE FUTURE IS ALREADY PRESENT Sustainable innovation that will revolutionize homes, cities and the environment. Speeches, meetings and exhibitions. The event is one of the 62 scheduled within the Sustainable Development Festival in its Parma stage. The location […]


#FridayProject: AGRITECTURE

Vertical Farming Italia at NyAgTechWeek 17

First appointment of the year with our #FridayProject Protagonist: AGRITECTURE New York City – September 16th 2017. Hours 9.45. Destination: 40 Buswhick Ave, Brooklyn. It’s hot, very hot. We are going to the first event of the New York AgTechWeek 17, sleepy and accusing the inevitable jet lag. We do not know what to expect, […]


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