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#FridayProject: The OCEAN CLEANUP

Vertical Farming Italia - #FridayProject

Finally, the #FridayProject backed by Vertical Farming Italia Protagonist: The Ocean Cleanup There was the Stone Age, then the Bronze Age. Now we are in the middle of the Plastic Age That was the preface of an 18-year-old Boyan Slat at Delft’s TEDx Talk in 2012. The young Dutchman had just finished high school when […]


#FridayProject: AGRITECTURE

Vertical Farming Italia at NyAgTechWeek 17

First appointment of the year with our #FridayProject Protagonist: AGRITECTURE New York City – September 16th 2017. Hours 9.45. Destination: 40 Buswhick Ave, Brooklyn. It’s hot, very hot. We are going to the first event of the New York AgTechWeek 17, sleepy and accusing the inevitable jet lag. We do not know what to expect, […]


#FridayProject: SKY VEGETABLES

Sky Vegetables - Urban Farming

Seventh appointment with our #FridayProject Protagonist: SKY VEGETABLES   We are arrived. The Uber driver shows us a red brick building. 1071 Tinton Avenue – New York City. In the background, the music of some boys playing basketball in a playground inside the park across the street. We find ourselves at the 166th street, in […]


#FridayProject: SMALLHOLD

Smalhold - Vertical Farming Italia

Sesto episodio del nostro #FridayProject Starring: SMALLHOLD We are in the East Village, the beating heart of the most vivid and artistic Manhattan. Mission Chinese Food is one of the most coveted restaurants in all of New York. You need advance reservations and waiting hours to enter a magical setting and taste the delicacies of […]


#FridayProject: IKEA – Algae Dome

Vertical Farming Italia

Fifth edition of our #FridayProject Starring: IKEA Algae Dome Even the Swedish furniture giant has its own little secret: Space 10. A special Danish ground laboratory, external but subsidized by IKEA, with a humble aim: to anticipate the future. We are on a mission to explore and design new ways of living It is no […]


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