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Vertical Farming Italia

The term Vertical Urban Farming was born about ten years ago inside of the Columbia University. How will it be possible to feed the growing world population? Bringing agriculture within the city That happened in Manhattan, NY. The young students therefore considered the peculiar New York skyline as a frame of their projects. So the […]


Water Footprint

Water Footprint - Vertical Farming Italia

Everybody speaks a lot, and rightly, about carbon footprint and about how much an individual, product or service affects the emission of greenhouse gases. A good measure is the footprint in Tons of CO2 equivalent *, which gives a good idea of how much our way of life can impact on the health of the […]


GreenTech 2018 – Recap

Green Tech 2018 - Recap - Vertical Farming Italia

Amsterdam, Holland. The city of bicycles and canals, in the Nation of tulips and windmills. But not only. The Netherlands are also world leaders in the export of tomatoes, potatoes and onions, and second in the most general category of vegetables. Stop for a moment, though. How is it possible? We are located only 1600 […]


Altro tiro, altro giro, altro regalo! Aquafarm 2018 🌿🐟

Aqua FARM 2018 - Credits to Ferdi Terrazzani

Pordenone caput mundi! That’s right. The 15th and 16th February 2018, Pordenone hosted the second edition of Aquafarm. An event that wanted to not only confirm, but even exceed the success of last year. Having participated in both editions gives us the right to assert it with certainty. Now let’s hear it also from Marco […]


One day in Singapore

Picture of the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Questa città è unica. Unica come grado di integrazione e rispetto delle leggi. Unica come sinergie tra differenti culture. Unica come grado di innovazione, sanità ed educazione. Per certi versi la città perfetta.   This city is unique. Unique degree of integration and respect for laws. Unique synergies between different cultures. Unique degree of innovation, health and education. […]


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